At Alcon Tool Company, we develop a wide range of straight and circular knives for your manufacturing needs, from shear slitters and scallop cutters to disc knives. Our long-lasting, industrial blades keep your production lines running efficiently and effectively.

Blades to cut your costs and any material

Our customers process rubber, tires, wood, abrasives, paper, polymers, food, textiles and many other materials. We have the right blade for your company also. With standard and custom capabilities available, we can tailor our knives to your specifications and situation. The picture below represents only a small sample of the knives and tools that we manufacture.

Better Throughput

Our high-performance knives help you increase productivity and accuracy in your manufacturing, yielding better products and greater satisfaction with lower costs. We machine, heat treat and grind in-house, and use the same equipment for our precision knife resharpening to keep your blades in top condition.

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