We blend state-of-the-art machinery with time-tested methods to develop the best knives and industrial products for your company. Whether it’s an existing product or a new design, we can complete the entire process in-house.

Innovative Technology

We use the latest CNC technology to maintain quality and repeatability in manufacturing. Our more than 250 machines include a new Toyoda horizontal boring mill, Haas CNC mills and Haas CNC lathes.

Proven Methods

Our in-house heat treating ensures proper tool steel hardness. While we provide many different treating methods, we rely on those that offer greater stability and produce the best results.

Large orders? No problem!

On any given day, we process nearly 400,000 knives in our facilities.

Blanket order option

It takes time to manufacture a good knife. However when you use our blanket order option, we can cut the response time from weeks to days.

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