Mill Knife Bars - Motorized


The Alcon Motorized Mill Knife Bar was designed for remote control by the calender or extruder operator. The width of the strips can be adjusted in preset steps of 1/16 or more, by continuous movement of the motorized carrier.
You can order any combination of brackets, bar length, motorized, fixed or manually controlled carriers, for either right or left hand mounting.
As illustrated, this is a bar with fixed bracket, four carriers and twelve blades.

#2516 F

Motorized knife bar with solid end bracket, as illustrated. Includes two knife carriers, gear motor, reversing relay, two pairs of diaphragm push buttons in enclosures, two micro switches, one dozen knives, and wiring diagram, boxed for domestic or foreign shipping.

#2516 H

Motorized knife bar with HINGED bracket and other parts as #2516 F.

ANY part may be ordered separately for additional cuts or replacement as necessary.

The output of the motor can be set up for either side. The photograph at left shows a left-hand output while the drawing shows a right-hand output.