Score Slitters

Alcon offers a wide selection of slitting knives to meet your needs. Most knives are available in two (2) grades of steel:
  • Alcon Standard Grade AISI 52-100
  • Alcon Semi-High Speed AISI 0-7

Manufacturing Tolerances:

  • Thickness: ± .0005"
  • Hole Size: ± .00015"
  • Edge: Central to Hub ± .001"
  • Hardness: 62-63 RC

The Semi-High Speed grade is optimum for usage in cutting highly abrasive materials. The 0-7 tool steel will outwear the 52100 approximately 2 1/2 times in abrasive applications. If knives dull from edge fatigue or crumbling, then 52100 will work nearly as well for less money. Any score Slitting Knife can be made from D-2 or High Speed Steel.

PLEASE NOTE: Thin rim models #321, 322, 323, 324 may be substituted for Cameron #428B, 793A, Johnstone #S8-32 and Dusenberry #229002 respectively, when a thinner cross section of cutting edge and rim is desired.

REGRINDING: Factory regrinding service available at a very resonable cost. Call for more information.