Alcon's "Performance Plus" attitude is reflected in our line of disc knives. Our ability to manufacture thin disc knives of superior quality from many grades of tool steel sets us apart from other knife makers.
Many grades are available in diameters up to 30 inches.
Some of the more commonly used grades of steel are shown below. Other grades are available for special applications.
Please refer to the Comparison of Tool Steels chart for a detailed chemical analysis of the referenced materials, as well as other available grades suited for special applications.

A-2 Tool Steel

A-2 is a satisfactory grade for most general purposes applications when the material to be cut is not abrasive and little heat is generated in the cutting process.

D-2 Tool Steel

D-2 offers significantly more abrasion resistance than A-2 at a modest increase in cost. D-2 is an excellent choice for metal-working applications or anywhere increased performance is desired. Due to the high amount of Chromium, D-2 is very rust resistant in most applications.

M-2 High Speed Steel

M-2 has more positive qualities than any other steel, with the fewest compromises. When compared with other high speed steels, M-2 is more abrasion resistant than cheaper grades, and tougher than most grades, including those containing Cobalt. As is true of all high speed steels, M-2 can be finished with a fine edge, and can operate at elevated temperatures not possible with other alloy and tool steel grades.

M-4 High Speed Steel

For many years, M-4 representd the ultimate in knife performance. It is still used in many applications where superior life is required while exhibiting remarkable toughness, at a moderate price.

Powdered Metallurgy Grades

These grades are used for the most difficult cutting situations. While knives made from these materials are expensive, they will last many times longer than knives made from other grades of steel. The typical powdered metallurgy grades are: M-4, 9V, 10V and 15V.
One of the most important factors concerning the manufacturing of thin disc knives must be noted: it is essential that thin disc knives run true without wobble, free of residual stress that leads to warping, cracking and shattering. Alcon circular knives, up to 24" diameter, will run within less than .005" total indicator reading. NOTE: Disc Knives are considered special items, and therefore require more time to produce than stock items.