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Bias Cutters

In Bias Ply Tire Construction, the carcass of the tire structure consists of diagonally oriented plys, stacked at opposing 45° angles over the direction of the cables, creating uniform tire structure with sidewall strength equal to the crown.  Alcon manufactures a range of saw-like bias cutters designed to perform the angular cut that produces these plys.  Made from M2 High Speed Steel designed to operate in excess of 1,600 RPM, and available in standard tooth configurations of 48, 60, 72, and 96 teeth, Alcon’s unique castle-top cutting-edge profile is sure to provide long lasting cut quality excellence.

Part Spec Sheets


48 Tooth C150 Bias Cutter


60 Tooth C150 Bias Cutter


72 Tooth C150 bias cutter


72C150 Bias Cutter Teflon Coated

72C150 HiLo

72 Tooth C150 bias cutter HiLo


96 Tooth C150 bias cutter


8" OD 96 tooth bias cutter

Additional customization options include:

  • Custom OD, ID, or Bolt Circle dimensions
  • Custom tooth configurations (QTY of teeth / angle or design of tooth profile)
  • Plating and Coating Options to provide increased adhesion resistance or wear resistance
    • Chrome
    • Teflon
    • Tuff Tride


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