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Industrial Food Processing Blades

Today’s meat and food processing industry places high demands on its commercial equipment. Suppliers need food and meat processing blades that are durable, competitively priced, and consistently available at volume. 

At Alcon Tool Company, we engineer and fabricate food processing blades of any design in our Akron, Ohio-based manufacturing facility using a sizable, dependable, globally-sourced inventory of surgical-grade stainless and specialty steel. The result: short lead times on affordable industrial food processing knives that deliver safe, reliable, long-lasting performance.

Advantages of Alcon Food Blades

Alcon’s repeatable, vigorously streamlined, and value-added manufacturing process for a meat processing blade means customers get:

  • Trusted product quality
  • Competitive pricing on blades made in the USA
  • Increased equipment uptime and operation efficiency
  • Ability to order quickly and at volume

Food Processing Cutting Tool Options

We work closely with our food processing customers to understand their specific needs. From passivation that prevents corrosion to complete edge restoration of worn or chipped food processing knives, our customization options enable us to produce the exact blades our customers need. Choose from:

  • Custom OD, ID, or bolt-circle dimensions 
  • Variety of tooth configurations (QTY of teeth / angle or design of tooth profile) 
  • Plating and coating options to provide increased adhesion resistance or wear resistance 
  • Custom-edge profiles 
  • Micro-serration edge profiles 
  • Complete edge restoration of worn / chipped blades 
  • Electropolishing
  • Passivation

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