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Tread Skiver Blades

Smooth skive cuts on extruded rubber are essential to making quality tires. With tread skivers from Alcon Tool, you’ll get consistently flush transitions every time. 

Alcon is the choice supplier for tread skivers of nearly every major tire manufacturer, and you’ll find our tire cutting tools in nearly all tire plants worldwide. Our tread skivers are made of A-2 tool steel and thru-hardened to 55 HRc, creating substantial relative durability. Their five-percent chromium content also provides corrosion resistance in a wet operational environment. Manufacture of the base model or a custom design in an alternative grade of steel is available upon request.

Part Spec Sheets


20"x 2.75"x .25" Tread Skiver


20"x 2.75"x .25" Tread Skiver Slotted

Additional customization options include:

  • Custom OD, ID, or bolt circle dimensions
  • Edge profiles
  • Radial slots: 8 slots 1/8” wide x 1-1/2” deep
  • Plating and coating options to provide increased adhesion resistance or wear resistance
    • Tungsten carbide plating
    • Titanium nitride coating
    • Teflon coating


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