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Construction / Pivot Pins

Your job site machinery requires reliability and toughness – just two of the many value features that characterize the Pivot Pins and attachment tools that Alcon produces for several of the Heavy Equipment Industry’s leading manufacturers.  Offering an expansive line, designed to integrate with all of the industry’s most recognized names, Alcon can reverse engineer OEM parts for after-market sale or partner with you in custom design and product development for world class performance.  Our standard pin materials include 1045 and 4140HT, both designed for heavy wear resistance and high tensile strength.  In house precision turning, heat treatment and deep hole drilling allow for rapid turnaround on any request.

Additional specification notes / customization options include:

  • Induction scanning to provide case hardness and increased wear resistance into the high 50’s HRc
  • A range of plating and coating options for rust prevention and increased wear resistance
  • Grease delivery mechanism / grease fitting installation


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