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Custom Cutting Tools

Improve your product quality, equipment lifespan and output, process efficiency, and ultimately profitability with custom cutting tool design and manufacturing from Alcon Tool Company. Our in-house capabilities include an experienced engineering team, advanced CNC and five-axis milling machines, and full production, making it easy to source the exact high-performance cutting tools you need for any application.

Get industrial knives and custom carbide blades that feature specialized sizes and features, are optimized for tricky materials, or are reverse engineered for hard-to-find or discontinued blades.

Benefits of Choosing Alcon Tool for Custom Cutting Tools

  • Extensive engineering and reverse-engineering knowledge
  • Ability to create virtually any machine knife prototype
  • CNC and five-axis mill machining
  • Strong, reliable supply chain of speciality steel and carbide
  • Ability to fully produce and deliver custom tools at volume

As a leading custom cutting-tool manufacturer, we don’t just provide machine tools. From initial design to order delivery, we offer a superior, streamlined, stress-free experience. Request a production quote today and find out why we are the cutting tool designer of choice for some of today’s top OEM equipment.


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