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Packaging & Paper-cutting blades

Partner with Alcon Tool in Akron, Ohio, for quality paper-cutting blades and packaging machine knives. For core-cutting and converting operations, we respond and deliver quickly, affordably, and at volume. 

Need a custom paper saw and packaging blade solution? We regularly design innovative packaging machine cutting blades for machine builders in this industry. 

You’ll get precision, efficiency, and consistency with every Alcon Tool order.

Traditional product offerings that Alcon routinely supplies to optimize this conversion process include:

  • Score Slitting Knives
  • Sleeve Anvils
  • Pneumatic, Precision, and Integral Levers
  • Core Cutting Disc Knives
  • Scalloped, Pinking, and Perforated Knives

Additional customization options / value features include:

  • A global supply chain capable of sourcing a comprehensive range of material types
  • Custom OD, ID, or Bolt Circle dimensions
  • Variety of tooth configurations (QTY of teeth / angle or design of tooth profile)
  • Plating and Coating Options to provide increased adhesion resistance or wear resistance
  • Custom edge profiles
  • Microserration edge profiles
  • Complete edge restoration of worn / chipped blades


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