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Straight Blades

Produced to be flat, straight, and durable according to our strict standards, a straight blade from Akron-based Alcon Tool provides the cut quality and precision you need to optimize your industrial cutting application. With the capability to reverse engineer OEM straight blade knives or collaborate with you on an entirely new design, we can deliver a straight blade that’s custom made to handle your toughest manufacturing challenges! 

Additional customization options / value features include:

  • A global supply chain capable of sourcing a comprehensive range of material types
  • Custom thickness, width, length, and mounting hole dimensions
  • Variety of tooth configurations (QTY of teeth / angle or design of tooth profile)
  • Plating and coating options to provide increased adhesion resistance or wear resistance
  • Custom edge profiles
  • Micro-serration edge profiles
  • Complete edge restoration of worn / chipped blades

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