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Score Slitters

One of the most ubiquitous cutting tools in any converting operation, Alcon sells a broad line of industry standard knives for score and crush cutting.  Utilizing pressured slitting knives in conjunction with an anvil, score cutting refers to partial separation of the cut material being moved between the slitter and anvil, while crush cutting results in full material penetration and separation.  Alcon’s standard line of slitters are made from industry standard 52100 alloy steel hardened to 61/62 HRc, creating a hardness offset from the anvils with which they are paired, thus alleviating excess scoring and wear.  While 52100 alloy steel features excellent fatigue life properties, designed to accommodate the constant compression-release nature of any score cutting operation, Alcon also offers a line of slitters made from SHS steel, which features far superior wear-life properties for an application of high abrasion.  Our stock line of slitting knives are designed to integrate with all major converting machine models, to include Dusenberry, Cameron, Johnstone, and Arrow Converting systems.

Part Spec Sheets

301 STD

3x.748x.248" STD w/ 60° DB .005R

302 STD

3x.866x.2435" STD w/ 60 Deg DB .005R

302 SHS

3x.866x.2435" SHS w/ 60 Deg DB .005R

306 STD

3x.875x.2495" STD w/ 60 Deg DB .005R

307 STD

3x.7481x.1245" STD .050" Rim w/ 45 Deg DB .004R

314 STD

3x.748x.2435" STD 45deg, R.005

322 STD

3x.866x.2435" STD .035 Rim w/ 45 Deg DB .004R

322 SHS

3x.866x.2435" SHS .035 Rim w/ 45 Deg DB .004R

324 STD

3x.748x.2435" STD .035 Rim w/ 45 Deg DB .004R

Additional customization options and complementary products include:

  • Any custom perforation configuration (QTY of teeth / width & depth of notches)
  • Complete surface restoration of worn / grooved anvils
  • Custom material requests or coating options
  • A wide variety of complementary bearings, axles, and holders

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