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Rubber & Tire-cutting knives

Alcon Tool was founded on the tire and rubber industry. Located  in Akron, Ohio, the Rubber Capital of the World, we owe much of our production legacy to a lasting status as a precision rubber-cutting supplier of choice to nearly all of the world’s most recognized manufacturers.  

Innovation, precision, toughness, and reliability are the hallmarks of our partnership with the industry’s leading brands, earning our customers’ confidence that our knives for industrial rubber cutting machines are sure to keep their production running safely and efficiently.

Choose Alcon Tool's tire- and rubber-cutting saw blades and knives. We can optimize your production line with:

  • Pinvent Trimmers
  • Bias Cutters
  • Tread Skivers
  • Score Slitting Knives
  • Sleeve Anvils
  • Pneumatic, Precision, and Integral Levers
  • Calender Knives
  • Mill Knives


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