Experienced Refractory Die Manufacturers

Alcon began manufacturing refractory die equipment in the early 1950's. With that experience we can help you develop the right solution for your manufacturing needs. Our comprehensive services include design, fabrication and assembly as well as reverse engineering.

Full-Design Capabilities

We handle the entire engineering process of manufacturing die equipment from the design of the part to the development of solid models for the production process. During this initial phase, our engineering experts continually analyze the design of your part for any unforeseen problems. This prudent approach helps minimize issues having to be addressed during manufacturing, which impedes the process. Our custom capabilities enable us to create a part based on your specifications and needs.

Efficient In-House Process

By completing your job in one location, we can control quality and cost, giving you high-performance products that are cost effective. We can also provide prompt reconditioning services for everything we manufacture.

Smart Solutions

We design our refractory dies to be lined with abrasive resistant tool-steel inserts that can be discarded after use and replaced with new inserts. Alcon's insert/holder combination reduces costs by limiting the use of expensive tool-steel to the liner insert portion only.

Wide Range of Capabilities

Our product developments include tubular brick molds, bottom pour refractory molds, conveyor rails, sand plates and extruder heads. If you demand high-performance die equipment, trust the experts at Alcon Tool.

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