Restore your dull blades to their original edge tolerances easily with Alcon’s resharpening services. Our tooling and expertise allow us to resharpen your knives with precision, so they can perform like new.

Knowledge and Expertise

We understand the process and precautions that need to be taken to prevent edge cracking. We are one of the few companies equipped with the special setups required to properly resharpen cutters such as pinking and scallop knives.

Finding the Best Solution

We assess your situation carefully and make recommendations according to what is most cost effective for you. If, for instance, one knife in a set is chipped, we can make a new piece instead of grinding all the knives in the set down to match, thus extending the life of all the others.

Total Reconditioning - Technical Expertise

Over time refractory die equipment becomes deteriorated and needs to be restored, which is why we offer reconditioning on all refractory die parts.
Our services involve complete cleaning of the part as well as bringing the part back to its original specifications, so it can achieve peak manufacturing performance. Plus, our knowledge and ability to design and develop refractory die parts in-house make reconditioning your equipment easy.

Enhance Your Production

By regularly reconditioning your equipment, you can enhance efficiency and maintain optimal production.

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